January 12th, 2016 8:18 pm
1. 2. 3!!!

Okay. Okay. Three years hit in October 2015. I just really wanted to get through the final weddings I had booked in 2015 so I could finally blog about my progression in the wedding department of Feathered Photography. No it isn't the only type of photography I photograph but it is my favorite.

Weddings. They are exhausting. You come in contact with all types of people the day of wedding while photographing. When you are done for the day (and most likely the next day) your body will ache all over. There is tons of editing involved for the following weeks...That my Feathered Followers is just the very small negative parts of weddings. I adore the conversation the bride has with her ladies about how nervous she is for her groom to see her. She has to be perfect. The girls could tell her over and over again how gorgeous she is but none of that matters. What matters is the moment the groom sees her for the first time all glamed up. The look on his face just says it all. I me...