Eric and Andrea
March 18th, 2016 11:22 am


I am sitting in a coffee shop in La Crosse and the barista Lisa just brought me the bagle and white chocolate mocha that I ordered. She caught a glimpse of the photos of Eric and Andrea I was editing and insisted I show her more. She kept saying how they are such a gorgeous, happy couple. I simply couldn't argue with her. These two can I put it?  #relationshipgoals or what ever the young kids are saying these days? It is so easy to see how much they love each other. The jokes they have between each other and the way Eric smiles at Andrea. oh my! It just makes them an all around beautiful couple inside and out. 

It was one of those rare, early March days. The sun was shinning and you could tell Spring is soon to come.  Just from the smell of the fresh air. Although, the wind was not in our favor while we were at Port Washington's Coal Dock Park for our first stop. I would have to say we got some beautiful shots with our beloved light house.  We then headed over to one of my favorite places to photograph at in Ozaukee County.  Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve. That place has so much to offer. From the bluffs over looking Lake Michigan, the wooded trails, bridges, stairs leading down to the beach. The possibilities are endless there.

It was a good day to get to know the both of them as a couple and get prepared for their upcoming wedding! I will tell you, I have never seen a soon to be bride so stress free about her wedding planning. She really has it down! I am happy to be apart of it!