Rachel and Carolyn
June 7th, 2016 9:31 pm
Rachel & Carolyn Wedding

" I like people who smile when it rains."  And what a rainy day it was! These two fabulous women tied the knot the week before on the east coast and then headed back to Port Washington to celebrate with more friends and family from the area. We had this wonderful thought of taking photos through downtown Port Washington before the party and about an hour before we were supposed to meet...down pouring rain! This did not stop the two of them! I scooped up some umbrellas on my way to meet them and still snagged a few great photos outside! The rain did not stop their smiles or the love from shinning through in every photo. 

Many thanks to the both of you for allowing me to be apart of your special day! I wish nothing but many years of happiness to the both of you!

Stay Fine my Feathered Friends <3